We are still waiting for the baby’s arrival, so I have time for another blog post. This time let us discuss duel purpose rooms. In this case, it’s my own spare bedroom. We have used it exclusively as a guest room, but now that there is a baby on the way, we needed space for a crib. I have been wanting to decorate this room since day one, so this gave me a good excuse to paint, decide on furniture, and give the room purpose.

Let’s look at how things faired a few months ago.


Lots of beige and a dumping place for extra furniture and lamps. Not the look I was going for.

The first step was to pick a paint color. I wanted something bold but soothing. Classic but edgy. Easy, right? I picked from Benjamin Moore’s Williamsburg collection since the rest of the house is done in those historic colors. I love their rich tones.

With a limited palette it was easy to choose a few for colors for making test swatches. Then I quickly landed on the green. Goodwin Green. It’s such a great color. Soothing but bold. Just what I wanted.

Here it is in the finished room!

Traditional bedroom with antique throw. Goodwin Green paint
Goodwin Green paint in bedroom and nursery

I love how the room turned out. The wall color is just part of it. Fabric selection is one of my favorite parts of the process. Since the windows are off centered, I decided to create valances instead. The fabric is traditional but fresh and the bright coral and lime green pillow was a touch of color the room needed (can you believe they are traditional Williamsburg colors?).

Traditional bedroom and nursery with Goodwin Green paint color

I had purchased the antique handspun coverlet about a year ago in the hopes of using it in our master bedroom, but I think it works sooo well here. I also added a plaid skirt under the crib and for now will keep the full bed frame and skirt. Someday we may upgrade to a queen.

Okay…onto another angle. The left wall looked like this when we started.


To the left of the closet I put the antique dresser I found a few weeks ago. The perfect place for one of my lamps and a pair of glasses my son made in art class!

Antique dresser

I also found a home for a piece I had purchased for a client (the egret), but it didn’t work in her space. I’m always glad when pieces find their forever home. :)

Here is that wall before the transformation.


And here it is now. Hello beautiful egret!

Goodwin Green paint color and egret art

That side needs a little more help….maybe a new lamp shade or pillow and accessories, but since I’ll be nursing here I didn’t do much. That table will be full of all the ‘stuff’!

I was able to use art that I had in our previous home. Like these prints and the lake scene above the bed (which my dad reminded me was in him childhood home). Even the little Rockwell plate was in our nursery! It will offset a mobile I have coming to hang above the crib. :)

Goodwin Green paint color and peach art
Traditional bedroom with Goodwin Green paint color.

Well there it is! Such a fun transformation with obvious personal excitement. And proof that you really can create a room with duel purposes.

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