BUILDING BOHEMIAN...the other side

Last week I introduced you to this Bohemian beauty. A fun facelift for an otherwise tired room. Remember how it lost twenty pounds? Well now we are looking at the other side...

This side was lovingly called the piano (and beauty-my client is a hair stylist) room. Let's see why. 


See why? Well as much as they loved having a piano on the main floor (who wouldn't!) we realized that this side of the fireplace had to hold it's end of the bargain. My clients wanted a designated place for puzzles, games, chatting over wine and since the living room no longer leant itself THIS space had to flex its function muscles. So, good bye baby grand (after some tears)....hello table and chairs!

Modern blue velvet Room & Board Otis chairs with round wood table and Pottery Barn Amelia wooden beaded chandelier.jpeg

Gorgeous color, right? It's just what this room needed in both color punch and functionality. We added more day to day value and the piano is not too far away....and easy trip to the basement. 

You will notice we neutralized and brightened the walls allowing the chairs (and chandelier) to take center stage. 

Note: We didn't have time for a full chandelier installation before my visit. I poorly photoshopped the first image, but didn't have it in me to do this one. But you get the idea. #livinginanotherstateproblems #ispyanne


We talked about commissioning a family friend to do an art piece for the fireplace, but I love that their current art (and pottery) worked perfectly. My clients have GREAT taste!

I also love that we were able to use the bookcases that my client made in this room. 


You will notice in my initial post that the living room housed four cases, but by splitting up the set we were able to showcase my clients' love for books in BOTH rooms. And the wood tone works so well with the mantle (which my client ALSO MADE!!!). 

And let's talk about this chandelier! We hem and hawed about whether to go crystal or wood. I really like where we landed. What a statement piece!

Pottery Barn Amelia wooden beaded chandelier.JPG

And back to these chairs. They are so comfortable and spin! Double conversation win. 

Blue velvet Room & Board Otis chair

Well, that's it folks. THE OTHER SIDE...Bohemian times two! 

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