Sometimes transformations take awhile. It's just a fact. Options have to be weighed. Furniture has to be ordered (and waited for). Walls have to be painted. And of course I have to be in the same state. Oh that. 

This project was one of those...but gosh was it worth the wait. And really it has turned into one of my favorite before and afters. Here is where we started. 


The room was dark, tired, and needed some life kicked back into it. My clients desired a comfortable, inviting, space that felt a little bohemian, but also pulled together. And they wanted the room to be colorful yet calming. Years ago they brought color to the space via the walls (yellow, purple, green) but this time we neutralized everything vertical and brought in color through artwork, accessories, and furniture (as you will later see). 

Let's take a look at things now. 

A vaulted, neutral, bohemian space with large fireplace, pops of orange, Kate Roebuck watercolor, Pottery Barn Harlow swivel chairs, fig tree, and wicker chair.jpeg.JPG
A neutral space with large fireplace, pops of orange, fig tree, and wicker chair.jpeg

What a difference. With new, lighter, appropriately-sized furniture the room instantly felt like it had lost 20 pounds. Don't all rooms wish it were that easy. And with the chairs being swivel, the living space didn't feel as cut off from the kitchen and eating areas. 

Here is the dining-living room transition before.


And here it is now.

A neutral living room with large orange art and Pottery Barn Harlow swivel chair.JPG

Also note that we pushed the couch further to the right. Originally we had it centered between the windows, but that left the side table and chairs straddling the wood and carpet. Since nothing in the room is symmetrical we could get away with it and honestly it gave that side a little breathing room. 

This angle is from the front hallway and originally the view felt blocked by bulky furniture. Not very inviting for guests. 


But by scaling the furniture and moving the bookcase we were able to create a better flow. 

An inviting neutral room with orange art, swivel chairs, and octagon wooden coffee table.JPG

Showing the flow from the other side. 


And the view from the front door is now more inviting. 

A neutral living room with large orange art and Pottery Barn Harlow swivel chair .JPG

We made some big changes (which like I said take time) but what makes this room special is all the details. Books my clients love. Treasures from their travels...

Glass coffee table with fig tree.JPG

Family photos and a nod to all things flying (my client is a BIG fan of birds).

West Elm Roar + Rabbit™ Ripple Ceramic Table Lamp and Silver Tray.JPG

With the exception of the amazing Kate Roebuck original watercolor above the sofa, we were able to use art that my clients had collected over the years. We even incorporated a little carved rooster one of their children had created. 

Styled large fireplace with modern black candlesticks and orange art.jpeg

Well, that is it for now...a big change for this room. And even though it did take more than a year from start to finish ( happens more often then you think) was worth it.

Wait. Did you catch a glimpse of a blue chair in that last photo? Well, guess what. There is a whole 'other side' to this space and I can't wait to wow you with some color. Stay tuned. 

Fun note: We didn't get new curtains in time for my visit, but my clients sent an update of them a few weeks later.

Here is the before.


And the Bohemian client is happy. :)

West ElmEmbroidered Border Curtain .jpg
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