As I was reworking the Gaddere website, I ran across an Apartment Therapy article which featured a sweet nursery I worked on a few years ago. The article talked about NOT using pink in girls' rooms. The comments offered some interesting thoughts, but for me it affirmed that there really is no one answer in decorating. 

At the beginning of a design project the possibilities seem endless. Heck, that's why most of my client's reach out. They stand at the doors of Crate & Barrel or scan page after page of Pinterest and feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choices. 

And even for designers, who can visualize the bigger picture, there are oodles of decisions and several directions each project can take. Even after creating a plan the project can morph. As the first layer is laid done, the next layer might not seem quite right. A different direction might feel better. This happens frequently with designers. And not surprisingly, I found this happened with our master bedroom. 

Initially, the room was beige, beige, and more beige. Beige curtains, beige walls, beige headboard.


I knew the room needed depth and dreamed of adding wallpaper. But after some quick math, the wallpaper of my dreams became cost prohibitive. Moving on....with paint. 

As you may remember,  our home is full of Williamsburg inspired colors. Galt Peach, China Red, Damask Gold, Washington Blue. Blue has been a common thread throughout the whole house, so I knew that whatever I chose had to work with blue. 

The wallpaper I had picked was plum in color, so my initial thought was to paint the room plum, but I could never pull the trigger. Then Bassett Hall Green (aka sage) came into my life. It was the perfect amount of color but still read as a neutral. I got excited and within two days the room looked like this!

Sage green bedroom with tufted chair, oil painting, orange modern lamps, and Annie Sielke rug

I had initially hoped to use this treasured Kate Roebuck print above the bed.


But once the sage color went up...I thought better. Layer one done, evaluation of layer two commence. Too much contrast. I looked around the house for a replacement and then remembered this BEAUTIFUL oil painting I had purchased weeks earlier that hadn't found a home.


It's moody, a statement, and I love it's rich color. The touches of orange pull from my table lamps AND it's base is blue...just what I needed to tie this room to the rest of the house. So...the Kate Roebuck will have to find another home. (I already have one in mind :)

There are still things to be done....new king headboard, side tables, bench, linens, etc., but I am loving the color change. Proof that thinking outside the typical color box can be rewarding. And that plan changes aren't abnormal. In fact, they can lead to a more layered, personal, and polished finished product. 

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