I harvested two pumpkins yesterday (8 more in the hopper...yay!) so that must mean fall is in the air. And so are the boos of little children everywhere as the lazy days of summer come to an end. 

What better time than now to do a back to school makeover. This family was featured earlier this year when I talked about incorporating beauty into your home even when you have kids! But now I want to show you that a homeschooling room doesn't have to be one dimensional. This couple wanted their school room to be beautiful, functional, and not just for the kids. Let's see if we accomplished that. 

Here is the space before. 

The room with the couch is seen as you walk in the front door. A formal living room of sorts. And the second room is a formal dining space...hence the dining room table. However, my client didn't use these spaces as intended and wanted to convert the rooms into one gloriously inspiring homeschooling space. 

Curious yet? Let's get to the afters. 

Home school room makeover with large photo art and round antique table. IKEA Billy bookcase

My client's major wishes were more storage (sans primary colors), multiple places for adults to join in the fun, and a solution for the oak trim. A common complaint, mind you. I think we accomplished all three. 

The first change was the color on the walls. Retreat from Sherwin Williams is the answer to orangey oak trim, folks! Another client of mine just finished their living room in this color and they are very pleased with the results. In this situation it played off the oak so well that the trim became a feature verses an eye sore. Victory! And look how beautifully the color balances the art. 

Next we added the Billy bookcase from IKEA. A customizable staple. And game changer. We spanned the wall so as to make it look built-in and added doors to help with the school clutter. As the kids grow this space can grow with them. Displaying different toys, books, and collectables. 

Home school room makeover with large photo art and IKEA Billy bookcase

One 'out of the box' idea was to bring in this family heirloom dining set from their kitchen. What? A table in the living room? It wasn't working as a dining table for their growing family, but here (tucked in the bay window) it gained new life. The older two kids can do school work or projects and mom can join them either at the table or in the comfy chair. And the light coming from that window is perfect for getting some Vitamin D. Especially during their long Minnesota winters!


On the other side of the room we added a piano, more art, and a place for mom to help with piano lessons. 


And now for the room formally known as 'Dining'.


We removed any semblance of food enjoyment and added their couch to create a comfortable reading area. 

For above the couch, my thought was to add something organic. We considered branches for hanging art or a chunky mirror. And then my client found this map decal and we knew it was the winner! The right size, organic in shape, and an opportunity to share the world with children. Perfect. 

Living room with world decal and cozy sofa.

What a transformation to these spaces!


I also suggested adding a fabric hanging canopy in the pillow corner. And eventually we would have added woven window treatments, but gosh darn my client up and moved before we had the opportunity. Yes folks, my clients moved. I bet you didn't see that coming. But alas...people move, things change, and school starts again. Happy Fall!

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