Happy Spring! A few larger changes are about to happen so I thought it a good time to update you on house progress thus far. Next week I'm having three chairs reupholstered and I'm about to pull the trigger on a dining room table, so things are coming together nicely.

The matching chairs, sofa, and side tables are from our previous home, but the roll arm and secretary are 'new'. That 1880's Belgium secretary is exactly what I had in mind for the space and I thought it had slipped away until the antique store owner called and said it was now available as the previous deal fell through. Yay!!! 

The three chairs are getting recovered this coming week and I could not be more excited. Here are the fabrics. 

The matching chairs will be in the blue floral, the roll arm will be in the modeled peach and the other two are pillows. Yes, that is fringe, folks.

On the other side of the room is this view. I had the buffet in our other home and though it feels a little small (and red) in this photo, in person it works for now. Maybe some new lamps. Everything always looks smaller in photos. And that piece has never photographed well. Humph.

Above the buffet will go this original Kate Roebuck. I bought it before I even knew who created the piece, but quickly found out she knows what she is doing. Ha! I had it in mind for another client, but couldn't stop peeking at it, so decided it needed to grace these walls. It will be a welcome touch of modern. 

Now let's turn to the dining room. Here it is as of this afternoon. I'm thrilled with the 'new' bookcase, but now I need a dining table, chairs and some artwork. The usual. 

I have this table in mind, but keep looking for an antique. Four months in and I'm still striking out, so I may just have to pull the trigger. 

And finally a little glimpse into the hearth room in progress. 

It doesn't photograph well, but trust me that it is cozy and inviting and we spend most of our day here...including me telling the boys not to spin and spin and spin in the chairs. :)

And the other side. 

Well, there you have it. A little update on how far our little Colonial has come. 

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