Happy Thanksgiving! I figured you will all be lounging around looking for something to feast your eyes upon. Well folks...do I have a cornucopia of guest pleasing style to show you! 

This project has been so fun and rewarding. You may remember my Aunt Jean's farmhouse makeover from two years ago. On that visit my Aunt Mary saw the changes at her sister's home and pleaded for help with her own living spaces. My aunt said that she had never had a 'nice' home of her own and after 14 years in this apartment she was ready for some major changes. And boy was I excited to dive in. Fresh paint, a few new pieces of furniture and a whole lot of styling with existing and new pieces made for some dramatic results. 

Here is what things looked like two years ago. 


And here is the after! Yowza.

Traditional Living room with floating velvet sofa, white fireplace, green lamp shade, circle mirror, concave mirror, and tufted chair

Another angle.


And the after. I want to show you this angle to bust any myths that function can't exist with form. My uncle has a special chair and uses the side table to store items for easy access. Yet, it works because of the art collage and beautiful family heirloom to draw your attention. Instead of ignoring these details to get a 'perfect' shot, I'm happy to show you so no one can say....'where's the real life stuff'. 


We moved the TV to the other side of the room to shift the view to these great windows. My aunt and uncle are loving the new view through the seasons. Fall was in full swing when I visited. 


Here is where the TV was before. 


And the new view. 


Peeking through there is the dining room. Here is what it looked like two years ago. 


And now!! My aunt had all of this furniture but it needed a big dose of cohesiveness.

Traditional dining room with silk screen bird art, blue velvet chair, crystal chandelier, and styled bookshelves

Moving the bookcases to this wall and pulling together all of my aunt's books and collections helped immensely in making the room personal and polished. She was a librarian and has amassed wonderful items to display. Before we got to work they were either tucked away or displayed in a way that didn't highlight their beauty. Now, my aunt and uncle can enjoy the pieces they have and interchange as the seasons allow. 

Traditional dining room with, blue velvet chair, crystal chandelier, and styled bookshelves

Here is another before. 


And the after. Turning the table ninety degrees helped this room feel much bigger and engaged the windows. 


Another angle. 


And the view back into the living room. 

Traditional dining room with crystal chandelier

Another before.


And the after. My aunt said she wanted something 'different' on the wall above the buffet. I found this beautiful screen at a consignment store and it was just the right size and texture. 


And let's talk chandelier. The original chandelier was too small and didn't quite fill the space. So, we added this gorgeous beaded chandelier which adds enough weight without completely blocking the view of the shelves. 


So there you have it....a makeover worthy of a Thanksgiving feast and that I've been dying to share. Here are a few more shots....enjoy the cornucopia and more importantly Happy Thanksgiving! We have much to be thankful for. 

Gold round mirror and styled vases
Gold round mirror above fireplace
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