It's hard to believe that I've known this family less than a year. Last February they contacted me with a desire to revamp their main floor living areas and we quickly became friends. Let's take a gander at how things looked early last year. 

The main concerns with this room were styling. My clients knew what they liked, but needed help corralling their likes to create a curated, pulled together look. The room felt heavy and in general lacked a cohesive feel. 

Now onto the fun part. The afters. 

Modern Inviting living room with fireplace, club chairs, blue leather chair, modern art, box valences, horse art, and baskets

What a difference! I think we accomplished a sophisticated yet approachable room (after all they have three young children). 

The first big change was the room color. When we started the walls were a stark white and the fireplace was painted in a busy tri-color pattern (thank you previous owners). Since this was not the look we were going for we painted the walls a warm greige (we were so on trend) and the fireplace a slightly darker shade. The results are striking. Especially after my talented client swapped out the understated mantle for this beauty. 

Modern fireplace with wood mantel, horse art, box valences, basket, blue leather chair, silver turtle box

We also added box valences in a simple check pattern to unify the window treatments and gives the room some much needed height. 


As you can see from above, we also brought in furniture to create a better conversation area but not all of it is new. I shopped another room in the house for the matching chairs and my client shopped several inventory sales for the nice comfy couch. I love how the two (verses three) cushion couch updates the space. 

The other culprit on this side of room was the dark bookshelf which visually divided the living room from the kitchen area making both areas feel smaller. 

To lighten the space (both in weight and color) we added this fun console table. It provided not only visual interest to the otherwise heavy corner, but created a space for my client to collect all the 'things' found around the room. Did you remember they have three children. :)

Half moon spindle table, gingko art, boxed valences, boxes, modern art, copper tray

Let's move to the other side of the room, shall we? My client desired a gallery wall for two great underplay the TV and to create a wall of memories. They had attempted to achieve both, but what the wall needed was volume. Here is how things looked at first. 

And here is the new happy wall filled with family photos, personal art, and a collection of treasured memories. 

Finally, let's revisit the eating area off the kitchen. The current table was a gorgeous family heirloom, but it didn't meet the needs of this family of five and was visually lost in the kitchen. 

To break up the wood we added an expandable table and some lower wooden chairs. 

I love how the new combination works with the living room. 

And as always...let's look at the details. 

Mixed pillows
Horse art

I want to take a moment here to talk about all the things. You may be looking at these photos and thinking to yourself this is nice and all for a photoshoot, but once the kids are let loose everything on the surfaces will be stowed away until college. But let me tell you, when I visited my client for this photoshoot (months after we finished) all the things were still out and the client mentioned how much they and the kids enjoyed them. Little bowls, trays, and containers for collecting treasures and random LEGOS. So, be encouraged that it IS possible to have a sophisticated, detailed room with kids. Call me. :)

And here is one more look at the before....

And the lovely after. What a difference a year makes. 

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