This very moment I am hunkered down in the office while everything around me is being loaded on a truck. Yes, that's right, we are moving to Kansas. It's been a hope and dream of ours to move closer to family (and find a little more elbow room) and this summer God paved the way for us to do just that! We are so grateful and blown away by the kindness He has shown us in this whole process. Looking for a way to praise the Lord for his provision?...let's talk! 

So, starting tomorrow, we are officially Kansans (Kansasans?), but my heart will always have a BIG space for Minnesota. 

These last months have been spent in both states preparing for a move, settling into a new routine (Kindergarten!), and wrapping up loose ends with my clients. Still more to do...always more to do...but, I'm excited about the next wave of opportunity. 

Now, for the fun part...our new home. I still can't believe this is the place God gave us, and I can't wait to create new memories. Did I mention it's across the street from my parents? Crazy, huh? Well, it's true. If you had asked us to buy this house two months ago, we would have said, "NO WAY! TOO CLOSE!" but now we can't imagine it any other way. It will be a treat in so many ways.

Well, without further our colonial. 

Of course, where I'll be spending the ENTIRE winter is by this fireplace. 

The kitchen is an amazing space. I love the vaulted ceilings and of course the beams. A little touch of Minnesota cabin. 

The house is in amazing shape and we are beyond grateful to the previous owners for their meticulous care of the property. We really feel blessed. 

So there you have it...a new place to call home. Ahhhh....I can't wait!

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