I love when clients reach out to work on additional rooms of a house. It means they liked the changes and are ready for more. I had helped this client with her living room and office and now she was interested in help with her master bedroom. 

Here is where we started...

The room has great light and wonderfully tall ceilings, but needed a shot of personalization. 

What I appreciate about this client is she knows what she likes and is willing to put in the work to get a finished room. With this room, she knew she wanted to work with the restrains of a black a white palette. An exiting challenge!

My client was open to swapping out some furniture, but as the project progressed, she decided to keep all the existing pieces. At first it seemed like the room would end up feeling dark and too 'matchy matchy' but with the finishing touches the room now feels anything but ordinary. 

Take a peek.

Things really took shape when we took advantage of the tall ceilings to display a collection of her favorite art pieces. 

She had had her eye on this gorgeous horse photograph, but wasn't sure how to incorporate it into the space. After framing it with a simple white mat, we made it the centerpiece of the room. 

The other pieces are family photographs, handwritten typography, sentimental drawings, and even her own watercolor. As you may recall, my client created a gallery wall in her office last year. Well, her skills continued into the space and I loved collaborating with her to make this focal wall feel personal. 

The key to keeping a neutral space from feeling flat is textiles. In this case, curtains, a new comforter, and that amazing bolster pillow softened the space and added much needed texture. Even with the focal wall completed, my client said the room didn't feel finished until the curtains were hung. I agree. 

The room did have a few challenges. My client was specifically stumped on how to handle the curved wall seen here. 

I decided to divide the wall with a plant and add a few pieces of artwork to balance the TV. 

Speaking of televisions...we moved the tv from the dresser by the bathroom, and used that new space to display another large piece of art. We chose something large enough to compliment the horse photograph, but of a softer image so as not to compete. It really is the perfect match. And check out the knobs my client added to the dresser to give it an updated look. 

I love the details she added to the space to make it feel like a retreat. 

Black and white bedroom with photograph, greenery and brass details

And gosh...that pillow. It really is like a piece of art. 

Black and white bedroom with gallery wall above bed, Citizenry Home Goods lumbar pillow, horse photograph and matching lamps

Thanks for following along!