I thought it might be fun to jump away from client work to show you an update we made to our kitchen. Come along...

When we bought the house twelve years ago the kitchen looked like this. 

I think I cried the first two months we lived here. Not my idea of a dream kitchen. But alas, we had a plan and with some sweat equity we turned it into this. Sorry for the blurry was 2004. 

Decent, but after ten years it started to not feel like my style and what was I thinking above the cabinets? The real kicker was the blind situation. 

Don't get caught up in the cute kids and butterflies and focus on the wonkiness behind them. I made those blinds ten years ago and they slowly became the curse of our house. For the last TWO years we had been shoving them into the window frame each morning as the mechanisms had broken on all three! I'm not sure why we tortured ourselves for so long, but this past fall we finally ordered bamboo shades from Smith and Noble and we now sing each morning and evening. 

Bamboo bliss turned us into motivated monkeys and we began chipping away at the updates and finishing details, some of which we never did after our first renovation. 

Here is where we stand now. 

The biggest transformation to the room was the paint color. It was a pale green and this time I decided to go with Decorator's White like the rest of the house. Some of you may remember that I toyed with the idea of a pale pink, but in the end I'm happy we went with white. 

I also changed the backsplash (previously pale green bead board) which was getting good and worn after ten years of use. I decided on classic subway and again I'm happy we went with something neutral. And hello new favorite way to store knives.

Next up was the task of swapping out the chandelier. 

Modern kitchen with blue stools, unique retro chandelier, island, and bamboo shades

The previous one looked tired and dated, so I snagged this one from Pottery Barn. It felt appropriate for the period of the home (1910) but with an updated look and feel. 

Now let's talk stools. My favorite update to the room. 

They make me so happy. I reupholstered my existing stools in a durable suede and the blue is just divine. It really is electric and just what I wanted for a touch of color in the room. 

We also had quite a bit of work done with finishing the baseboards, kick plate, and area around the fridge, but I won't bore you with those details. Although you will notice we still need to hook up the radiator (and remove the designer cardboard). 

Another favorite transformation in this area is the back door. It went from this (post removal of the security bars...not joking). 

To this. 

Not a full shot but you get the idea. White walls, wooden door, slate floor. Bottom line...MUCH BETTER. I sold that gorgeous oil painting this past week, which makes me a little sad, but it now lives in a much happier place on one of my client's walls. 

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