Well, I do live in Minnesota, so you shouldn't be surprised that another Scandinavian influenced makeover is hitting the blog. However, this one was more of a 'tweak what we have' scenario. Right up my alley. Here is where we started. 

The first task was to let the dog out of the cage...just kidding, he is VERY loved. He just wanted to be in all of my photos. Sorry pooch. Like their adorable dog, this room had great bones. Pun intended. It simply needed some balance, structure, and finishing touches. With minimal investment, I think we accomplished that. Let's take a peek. 

Modern Scandinavian living room with fireplace, blue club chairs, leather sofa, and shag carpet

The biggest change was layout. Opening up the view of the fireplace made the room feel bigger and created more space for the cozy shag rug. It was a must have for this family of six who loves to use the room for playing games, reading, and generally hanging out. The furniture is a mix of vintage, new, and gifted...each with its own story. My job was to let these pieces (including artwork as you will see) have their moment in the sun. 

Here is another angle. 

Don't worry...the beloved dog has his own chair. :)

Modern deer head mount

My other job was to pour some love into this room. The sun porch/TV room.

Again...a great start, it just needed some tweaking.

Modern Scandinavian TV room and den with leather couch and IKEA LAPPLJUNG RUTA and sheepskin rug and pillow

This turned out to be my favorite spot in the house. Serene, monochromic, chill. We plan to replace the side chair with something like this, but otherwise the room is in good shape. And check out the newly styled book shelves. This family LOVES their books...and shag. 

Modern Scandinavian TV room and den with leather couch and IKEA LAPPLJUNG RUTA and sheepskin rug and pillow

Finally, we addressed the dining room. 

The room felt off balance with the massive piano to one side, so we moved the curio from the living room into here. Ahhhh. 

Modern Scandinavian dining room with crystal chandelier and white molded chairs

Not much else changed, but this is my chance to talk art. I would use the term 'art enthusiasts' to describe this couple. They buy what they love (which is my mantra) and are not afraid to take some risks. I reveled having such wonderfully unique pieces to move about the house. 

Even the pillows are works of art.  

As we close the tour, let us not ignore the foyer. I don't have a before, but no need. Just feast your eyes upon this rug we found online. It is the first hint of what this house has to offer... a warm (newly tweaked) Scandinavian hug.  

Modern Scandinavian Foyer with Persian rug and needlepoint