BLUE SUEDE (well...velvet) CHAIRS

I know I say this about every project, but this one has been a lot of fun. My client was ready for a sophisticated yet comfy look for their formal living room. A place to host friends for coffee, yet comfortably lounge with their own family of six. Oh and she was up for kind of client. 

Here is what the space looked like upon arrival. 

We knew from the beginning that new furniture was in order and the beautiful rug and wall color were staying. As is, the room lacked coziness and an area for easy conversation. Likewise, my client wanted to incorporate some color...although unsure how. Enter left these chairs... 

My client had two and they were worth reviving. In fact, they became the centerpiece for the room. 

Blue velvet club chairs in traditional yet modern living room with brick fireplace and neutral Persian rug

The way they changed the vibe of the room is hard to understate. When first plopped in the room, they felt like a big risk. My client even said, "They are so bright!" But, once we brought in other elements, they simply became part of the room. I love how they give the room such energy.

The chairs (and art) addressed the 'let's add some color' issue, but then we needed to work on the layout. To help create a natural conversation area, we purchased a new sofa and campaign desk to divide the large room into useable space. Things were starting to look up. 

Then came the details. Which is what makes the space feel personal and finished. I brought in boxes full of goodies for styling the shelves, but I was also able to incorporate many of my client's own items. Her daughter is an artist, so it was fun to use several of her pieces. My favorite addition to the room was the dark mirror in the far corner (see above). I pulled it from another room and it immediately felt like the right move. 


I love how this room is evolving. And I say evolving because we are still working on the back area of the room. We plan to add a desk unit to fill the space, but are on a hunt for just the right one. It's a good reminder that you don't have to have everything in place before you pull the room together. 

But in the meantime, I am not going to tire of this view anytime soon. 

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