Despite the holidays winding down and temperatures reaching Spring like numbers, we are still cranking our fireplace here in Kansas. It brings a little bit of Northern Minnesota to our home and honestly I'm not quite ready to turn off Christmas.

Speaking of fireplaces, one of my favorite families (you might remember their living room transformation - those blue chairs!) asked me to help transform their Talking Room. I know I say this every time, but it truly is one of my favorite rooms and to sit with this family and talk by the fireplace is a special treat. 

I'm excited to share the results, so let's start with some befores. 

My clients call this The Talking Room as they love hanging out in here and well, talking. How sweet, right? The only problem was the furniture was uncomfortable and the room didn't emit the cozy vibe desired. But, with some changes we were able to unleash this rooms inner cozy and well, judge for yourselves. 

The transformation to this room began with the walls. The room doesn't get much light during the day, so instead of creating a false brightness with the yellow walls, we deepened the color and embraced the moodiness. What a difference! 

This really set the stage for the rest of the fabrics, and art. 

We brought in texture with the denim sofas, woven rug and leather accents. And that art! This family has great taste in art and working with several family pieces (as in family members painted several of these) we built a collection of plein-air oil paintings. Even my garage sale find found a spot among the beauty. 

Oil landscape painting gallery wall

Another big change was how we incorporated the seating. This is after all The Talking Room. To maximize the space I suggested putting a sofa in front of the bar (which is behind those doors).

It was seldom used so instead of highlighting it and loosing valuable seating space, we chose to ignore it. I think it works.

On the fireplace wall, which used to look like this...

...we added a leather recliner and a ghost chair (which will eventually get draped on the seat by a sheepskin). 

And look at that flow. So much better than walking into the back of a huge chair. 

Now let's look up, shall we? This room has great bones and the ceiling is no short of beautiful. Here is how things looked from this angle when we started. 

And here is it now. The wall color REALLY helped with the oak tones of the wood trim. 

Dark living room with blue couch and leather ottoman, oil painting gallery wall, velvet pillow, pottery, and wood vaulted ceilings

And here are a few last photos of some of the details. You can't have a cozy room with out the personal details. I love how these shelves turned out.

modern Louis ghost chair

So there you have it. I styled and photographed this room in the morning and later that evening was invited back for a drink by the crackling fire. It made my week! Seeing the spaces I've created used to their fullest potential and feeling 'just right' is extremely rewarding. And honestly this room couldn't have turned out any cozier. Let the talking (and memories) begin. 

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