I'm excited to show you this transformation because it is a perfect example that buying new isn't always the answer. When this client contacted me she was in a ho-hum state about her living room. She communicated that the arrangement wasn't working, the furniture was feeling tired, and the room didn't feel polished. I don't have too many before pictures (apparently I dove right in), but here is where we started. 


For years, my client had used this room to host dozens of people. But now, even though she most frequently entertains smaller groups of 4-8 guests, she still had the furniture arranged in a way that anticipated a crowd. So, to better suit the room (and their new lifestyle), I flipped some pieces and pulled them all in from the wall. 

Here is how it looks now. 

Cosy Scandinavian living room with gallery wall, piano, striped chair and wood inlay floors

Can you believe that the only purchase for the room was new pillows? Otherwise it was an exercise of using what she already owned and giving it new life. 

The room came alive when we created a more structured conversation area and pulled the furniture in to reveal the amazing 100 year old inlay floors. Having the furniture against the wall covered them up and who wouldn't want to show them off!

Instead of this view (again sorry for the the sorry befores).

My client now enters the room with this view. 

Cosy Scandinavian living room with inlay wooden floors, striped chair, and gallery wall

I used those inlays to guide the placement of the furniture and I love how structured the space now feels (everything was on an angle before). 

The other side of the room also benefited from a little structure. Here is the before. 

And the after. Ahhh. 

Modern Scandinavian living room with gallery wall, piano, striped chair and wood inlay floors

One of my client's favorite changes was when we relocated the large piece of art that once hung above the sofa. It is a favorite print of my client's but couldn't be fully appreciated in it's previous location (see below). 

Now it anchors this lovely little corner and draws your eye to the end of the room...thus making it feel larger. 

Here is the new art above the sofa.

Funny because my client would say that the new print is a favorite too. In fact just about everything in this house has a story or was purchased because my client simply loved it. What a wonderful way to live...surrounded by things you love. 

Here are more of the little treasures that give this home life. 

Yet, I was surprised when my client mentioned that before these changes she felt discontent with her home because things didn't feel quite right. She was feeling like she needed a change...a move? But after we rearranged the furniture, added some pillows and displayed her treasures in a fresh way...she expressed that she now desires to live out her days loving people in this room. Now THAT makes me happy. 

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