Before we moved, I took time to photograph some of my latest projects. I love seeing a good before and after, and from what I hear so do you. 

This client contacted me with the desire to make her living space feel more like...well, her. The good thing is she knows what she likes. So, we worked on making the space lighter and brighter and more polished. Let's look at where we started. 

It was a good start, but the furniture was too large and dark for the space, making the view into the room a bit obstructed. To start the project, we pulled in the same paint color from the dining room, removed the valances, and purchased a few new pieces of furniture. What a difference!

This room leans DARK (hence the grainy photos...there is a porch on the front of the house blocking the direct sunlight), so it was essential to bring in lighter furniture...including this adorable settee. 

Cozy Living Room with neutral settee and modern brass side table

It's long legs allowed for more light to pass into the room and the pinstripe pattern spoke to my client's southern roots. We also pulled in a new rug. It looks similar to the one she had before, but it is twice the size (making the room feel bigger) and the colors lean neutral instead of yellow...which worked better after de-yellowing the walls. 

Previously, the art above the sofa stunted the room. The ceilings are 10', so we needed to add art that draws your eye up. 

I pulled in a mirror she already owned and surrounded it with the botanical prints that used to be to the left of the sofa. I love using what people already own. We also had custom pillows made with the most beautiful bird print. I fancy the print so much it might make it into my new home. :)

If you hadn't noticed, this client LOVES all things organic. So we brought in more plants, birds, and nature...and marble. :)

Finally in this room, we replaced the large television unit with a custom built media stand. 

It immediately opened up the room and added a sightline into the dining room. I love the view of the front door. Next is the dining room. Here is what it looked like before. 

My client was tired of this area being the dumping ground for toys and desired a more finished look that she could rotate with the seasons. Here is what it looks like now. 

Instead of keeping this space symmetrical, we shifted the buffet and added the ficus tree that had been floating around the house. In it's new permanent home (and taller pot), it helped fill this large space and meant that we didn't need as much art to finish the wall. Speaking of art...check out those amazing prints! They are prints that my client's family had collected over the years with a special connection to the artist. I am so happy we were able to get them framed and on display for all to see.  

In the dining space we brought in a new table and hung the painting of my client's grandfather above the chair (I didn't get a photo of that). The next thing to happen is a new chandelier. In time...but we are thinking something like this. 

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Well, there you have it. A dark room made bright with a few simple changes and a forced ISO (photography talk). :) I hope you enjoyed the tour. I sure enjoyed making this room what it is today and getting to know my client in the process. She's a gem. 

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