Well hello big open space with lots of potential.

This was the state of affairs when my friend Heather asked for some help in pulling this room together. I was delighted and, as always, couldn't wait for the finished product. But like most of my clients, Heather and her husband, Ross, took time to chip away at their purchases and made sure they were pulling the trigger on just the right pieces. Wise souls, I say.

Well, shall we see what this room looks like now, one year later? 

Modern living room with piano, modern gallery art wall, sofa, FLOR, leather chair, and wooden side chair

One happy room.

Heather and Ross had such a great start with the upholstered couch, wooden occasional chair, and buttery-soft leather side chair. But the biggest question was layout and how to create that cozy vibe. Not always easy with an open floor plan and ceilings that peak at 20 feet. 

We started with the sofa facing the wall (sorry I couldn't find any photos) but decided that the space flowed more naturally with the couch oriented towards the fireplace. This allowed for a comfortable conversation area to one side and an additional play area to the other. Note baskets filled with toys stowed under the couch. 

Then to unify the space we used FLOR carpet tiles. This was a wise choice on Heather and Ross' part (they did the research on this one) because we could customize the shape (see how it fits around the fireplace) and if anything happened to one of the tiles it could easily be replaced. Win. Win.

After we got the layout just right, we began choosing the other necessary pieces...side tables, lighting, TV stand, piano. Since Heather and Ross have a good sense of what they like (and didn't like) this step went something like this. Heather found a specific piece that piqued their interest. Heather sent a text asking if it worked with my overall vision. I replied to afore text with a hearty amen or a hmmmm....let's keep looking. It was a great partnership and look where it got us!

And lest you think I sat back and made them do all the work...I did pick out the dining room chairs. ;) 

Let's go on a tour, shall we?

Starting with those said chairs. The dining room was in good shape. It just needed a new chandelier and some personalized artwork. Enter their crafty daughters.

Here is looking the opposite direction. Check out those vaulted ceilings.


Nothing new here. Just another chance to admire that buttery chair. 


And here is the other side of the room. Not styled, but you get the idea.  

But really...the room didn't start feeling like a place you'd want to spend hours until we worked on the details...including that huge clock and their girls' growth chart. This was a fun process. Making the space feel like it belonged to Heather and Ross. 

Heather invited me over one evening to help with this part. And after some chatting, she sheepishly showed me a stash of long abandoned art. She'd show me a piece, but then follow it with "But, it might not work." Little did she know that I love giving new life to old pieces. Two hours later we had a gallery wall.

Now granted this wall has changed a bit since I first installed (see the meticulously styled photo below. Ha!). But that's what Heather wanted. A wall that ebbs and flows with the seasons. A wall that can be updated as their children grow. 

But for now....I'd call this room complete. And I'm pleased as punch with how it turned out. Yes, the layout works well, that leather chair is so soft, and the gallery wall is a hit, but mostly I love it because it has lent itself to creating moments like these. Well done, room.

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