Well, our next stop is my folks dining room. When I arrived (back in May) my parents had recently swapped out carpet for hardwood floors. The results were wonderful and the room only needed a few minor tweaks. Here is my dad showing off the new floors. Or is he just showing off? Love that guy! :)

The first task was to find a rug to warm up the space. My mom and I searched online for awhile, but it became evident that we needed to see some options in person. Off we went to a local rug store and low and behold we found something we thought might work. We brought it home to try and once laid, it was confirmed. Much better. 

After getting the rug in place, I knew the piece of art next to the hutch (behind my dad) had to go. So, I hauled it up to one of the spare bedrooms and began to think through new art for this room. I threw out the idea of showcasing some family photos, and my mom was game. So we began the fun task of picking out our favorites. 

Here is a shot of some of the keepers. 

They are classic and beautiful and support my mom's story that she and her sister worked tirelessly from such a young age. :) The top one is another aunt (I'm helping her with her living room this fall - I can't wait!) miking the family cow. The one tucked to the left of the hutch is my dad fishing with what looks to be a twenty foot pole. 

What's fun to hear is my folks have had several dinner parties since the change and say that conversation eventually leads to the photos. I'm sure over the years the stories will get longer and the tales will get taller, but that's exactly what we hoped would happen. My mom and I are now calling it the legacy room.  

Here is another angle showing my grandpa and his four brothers. It's such a great photo but what's hard to see is the youngest brother looking off camera (eyes only) with a little smirk. Oh the stories. 

One final touch was to swap out the shades. They were looking a little tired, so I took the opportunity to pull in some color. 

I would love to continue the family photos on either side of the mirror, but my parents are still enjoying their candle maybe next trip. :) But gosh...the room has come a long way. I'll leave you with this gem.