I didn't grow up in Kansas, but my parent's home in Overland Park is certainly a place of fond memories. For seventeen years, their home has been the cornerstone for holidays, summer visits, and countless activities. And to say my parents stay busy with friends and visitors is an understatement. So earlier this year (after deciding she had had enough of the floral couches) my mom expressed a desire to freshen up their home decor. They had already planned on getting new carpet in the family room and installing hardwood in the foyer, dining room and parlor for a more cohesive look, but now it was time for some new clothes. Goodbye floral sofas. 

Here are some befores of the living room. 

My first step was to think through fabrics. The two chairs were staying, so I went to the fabric store for some inspiration. I wanted to pull in some of the reds and corals from the existing striped chair, and a floral pillow was a must. After a few hours of fabric fun, I sent my mom this image and thankfully she was on board with the direction. The hard part was waiting, but soon enough the sofas and pillows were back from the upholster. I couldn't wait to see the changes and get my grimy hands on new accessories. 

In May I spent a week at my parents hunting for lamps and accessories and all the fine details. One of my favorite parts was poking through consignment stores to find a few filler art pieces. I never tire of art purchases (purchased a cardinal print this week). 

And here are the afters...photographed this week.

I love how the deep blue velvet changes the entire palette. And removing the skirt and arm covers gave new life to the sofas!

Another way we subtly changed the vibe of the room was to rearrange (and add) some artwork. The room had three sets of artwork, so my plan was to shake things up. We pulled a few pieces from other areas of the house and purchased the two larger pieces on consignment. What a change! It also made the coffered ceiling instantly feel taller. 

I also love how a simple change in lamps created a more cohesive look with similarly shaped bases and shades. 

A few accessory changes later, the room was looking ready for another seventeen years of friends and family.

And speaking of family, this week was spent in Kansas with mine...including my eleven year old niece who dreams of becoming an interior designer. She helped me style these images and at several points she was in charge. I have known for awhile her passion for design, but can I just say this girl has talent. An innate sense for making subtle improvements to a space and knowing how to place a pillow just so. When can I hire her? 

So, there you have it. Home sweet home.

Coffered ceiling cozy living room with fireplace, striped chair, blue pillows, and wood paneling