Yesterday was a rewarding day. I was back at a client's home for a new project and was met by the fruits of 'my' labor. In the spring, my client had hired me for help with her living room and office. Mostly she was struggling with the open shelving and the massive office furniture, but she was open to suggestions on making the rooms more cohesive. 

Here are the before photos she sent me...

We decided the best approach was for me to shop ahead of time and spend a few hours styling the rooms. After that step (which was in itself satisfying) I left her with a room that looked like this. 

Boy were those shelves large! The picture doesn't quite show their scale, but my goal was to fill them with fewer large items. What a difference! We also moved the black leather chair (that no one sat in because it was in the back corner of the room) to create a more natural conversation area. She mentioned that it's now the chair people go for first. Yay!

During my shopping, I had purchased a round tray (for scale) to show her what I was envisioning for above the fireplace. There were so many straight lines in the bookshelves and fireplace that I wanted to break it up with a little roundness. Obviously the tray was too small, but it helped her see the vision and I gave her the task of finding an 'organic' (read textured) large scale mirror for the space.

Well...she nailed it! 


I loved her story of bringing home several pieces to try, but finally landing on this mirror from West Elm. Finding the right piece can take some time, but boy is it rewarding. She says everyone that comes over comments on the piece. I was so proud.

But it doesn't end there...

We had moved the couch about 12 inches to the right to make the room feel more balanced and create a more natural conversation circle. The bonus was that it made room for a console table in front of the window for lamps. Again...I gave her parameters (something sofa height and about as long as the couch). She had something in mind, but the price and shape wasn't quite right, so she built it! 

Isn't it beautiful? And such a versatile piece. Another proud moment.

So finally...the office. We are still tweaking it, but the biggest change was removing the piece connecting the two sides. This was especially impactful on the view from the living room. There was a long wall of wood that wasn't very inviting and my client appreciated now not having to walk all the way around the desk to work on the computer. 

During my visit yesterday, my client mentioned she was having a hard time finding items to compliment the drift wood (based on what I had suggested). So, we talked about some alternatives and she was excited to give it a try. 

But take a look at this wall my client created! 

I had suggested filling the wall with frames to create the 'library' feel she desired. She said it took some time, but now considers it her favorite corner of the house! Another example of how finishing a space can take some time, but it's so rewarding. 

So there you have it...a house that received a little love and now feels like home to this sweet family. I'll be sure and share their bedroom before and after when it's done.